Today’s public debate on immigration is heated and often emotional. Although many people welcome migrants and refugees, the topic also sparks public anxiety, cynicism and hatred, leading to polarization and violence. 

Emotions and instincts inform people’s attitudes and decisions as much as reason. My goal is therefore to connect reason, emotion and action to get to more pro-active, sustainable and creative responses to migration-related change.

This is a two-way process:

I want to better understand the expectations, arguments, hopes and fears that inform public perceptions and responses about migration.

And I want to find innovative ways to provoke thoughts, spark dialogues and enhance understanding of migration and what it means to be a migrant to a wider audience, for example through art, theatre, storytelling, workshops, and accessible publications.

My portfolio shows what I have done so far. But I am always looking for new ideas and partners to do this.

This is my (dynamic) wishlist. Can you help me? Or do you have a better idea? Get in touch!


  • An event organizer who wants to host an immersive experience on migration;
  • A curator who wants to make an exhibition on migration;
  • A publisher who wants to publish children’s books on migration;
  • Funds for exhibition, play, book, etcetera.