Book published on Return Migration to Afghanistan

My book Return Migration to Afghanistan: Moving Back or Moving Forward?, in which I argue that seeing Afghan return migration as a tool for both development and migration management is shortsighted and counterproductive, is now published by Palgrave Macmillan.

In an Op-Ed for News Deeply, I discuss the findings of my book in relation to the current renewed Afghan exodus alongside mass deportations.

Buy the book and support Afghanistan! All of my royalties go to Afghanistan Human Rights & Democracy Org, AHRDO, a brilliant Afghan NGO committed to ‘the promotion of participatory democracy, a culture of non-violence and the respect for human rights in Afghanistan and the region, principally through employing a variety of arts and theatre-based programs that create spaces for dialogue, peace-building, social justice, public participation and consequently societal transformation from the grassroots up’. They were a great inspiration and support during my research in Kabul.

If you’re in the Netherlands, may I suggest to buy the book via You pay the same price as anywhere else, but 10% of the amount you pay goes to a charity of your choice (why not Stichting voor Vluchteling-Studenten UAF). Why? Because they’re good people: they once lent me one of their laptops in a time of Great Computer Panic, so I could continue working on what became this book!

I am deeply grateful to all Afghan return migrants who participated in the study, as well as colleagues, family and friends who helped to make this book happen. Thank you!