Looking back on CONTAINED Project 2016

CONTAINED Project was born and raised in 2016 – what a year it was! After taking a moment to look back, the project is ready to leave home and conquer the world in 2017.

We kicked off in January 2016 with a taster performance at the International Migration Institute‘s 10th anniversary conference. We then developed the first part of our trilogy, Decisions and Journeys, in June, and performed pilot versions at an Oxford Migration Studies Society‘s event at the Pitt Rivers Museum and in the middle of Oxford’s Broad Street during the Oxfordshire Science Festival. In August, the second part of our trilogy, on Movement and Change, took us to Wilderness Festival in Charlbury. In September, we tried our Creative Lab of storytelling and participatory tools for the adult and children visitors of The Story Museum in Oxford. In October, we took our first trip out of Oxfordshire and had the privilege to work with Bruxellois actors to develop our third piece, on arrival and reception, for Nuit Blanche Brussels. In December, we put the trilogy together into one beautiful event at Lady Margaret Hall, Oxford.

After this awesome and dynamic pilot period in 2016, in which we tried lots of different ways to connect performance, experience, research and learning to provoke thoughts and encourage dialogue on migration, we are taking stock of what we learned. A short documentary, an public report and an academic paper are in preparation, so that we can share our lessons learned with you.

Moreover, CONTAINED and CONTAINED Project are ready to engage with the world in 2017. Starting with yet another great weekend of events at The Story Museum on 10-12 February, and many more things to come. Watch this space, or get in touch if you are interested in having a CONTAINED performance in your venue, neighbourhood, organization or school!

For now, we would like to thank all artists and contributors who were part of CONTAINED somewhere along the way in 2016.

(in order of appearance:) Anja Meinhardt and Justice in Motion, Marieke van Houte, Remco Heijmans, Steve Hay, Melissa Bori, Jon Ouin, Ophélie Lebrasseur, Sparrow, Sarah Jane Clarke, Daniella Cromwell, Frederike Otto, Ben Johnston, Joakim Joakim, Federica Infantino, Dominic Heaney, Dan McMahon, Sonja Wie, Simon Dormon, Luke Chadwick-jones, Quentin Lachapele, Suzanne Burlton, Natalie Jane Hind, Brittany Roberts, Mbalou Arnould, François Makanga, Zaï-Moon Râhkov, Natalia Vanderkaeken, Romana Úlehlová, Judith Von Orelli, Peter Dewhurst, Fiona Watson, Zoë Parkinson, Johnny O’Reilly, James McKeogh, Studio Yves – You were amazing this year!