CONTAINED in its exploratory phase

Why do people move? What shapes public opinions about migration? And what can we do to create a dialogue on migration that leads to constructive responses to challenges in society?

Since January I have been working with Anja Meinhardt of Justice in Motion and many other artists in CONTAINED: a multidimensional project that combines performance, academics and creative learning to create dialogues on migration.

CONTAINED creates immersive theatrical performances based on research and migrants’ stories from around the world, but will also be an innovative comparative and ethnographic research project on the dynamics and public perceptions of migration.

The physical and metaphorical centrepiece of CONTAINED is a purpose built transparent shipping container: shipping containers stand for global mobility, the possibilities and constraints of travelling, and for the ‘contained’ness of our lives, in which we try to define and control our and other’s lives.

CONTAINED explores migration in a trilogy of three themes of migration: 1) decisions and journeys; 2) arrival and reception; 3) movements and changes. These three thematic components will be the basis of performance and creative learning tools.

After successfully raising initial funds, currently in its exploratory phase in which we develop and showcase a trilogy of performances. Try-out performances are happening in the summer and autumn of 2016. Read more on the website.