Blog on The Extraordinary Queuing Experience

livefriday-2Suddenly I was the director of an immersive theatre performance on migration called The Extraordinary Queuing Experience, performed at the Social Animals LiveFriday at the Ashmolean Museum in Oxford. It was an unforgettable experience that tasted like more.

The audience was invited to enter a gallery of the museum, in which they joined a queue and went through a selection procedure, waiting to be admitted to a ‘special part’ of the museum, as ‘the entire museum is a special place, but some parts are more precious than others’.

The performance aimed to make a point about the lack of transparency and arbitrariness of immigration processes and to give the unsuspecting audience a glimpse of the challenges migrants can face when they try to reach the UK.

Me and migration-and-theatre partner in crime Ida Persson wrote a blog about it. Video footage to follow.